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Write timeless stories through our professional lenses. Lets meet you, hear your story and have a chance to capture your timeless moments

Portrait Photography

Tell a simple yet elegant story with your portrait and self-portrait photography. With the perfect pose and lighting your portrait is good to go.


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Headshot Photography

Get an authentic visual representation of your brand. Connect with people using your photos and videos before you meet them physically


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Landscape Photography

Capture great emotions and make your viewers immerse themselves into the scenery. communicate through your photographs: Tell a story that your viewers can’t resist


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Event Photography

We specialize in taking pictures of large-scale or important events, such as weddings, corporate meetings, athletic competitions, or shows. Catch the feeling and highlights of your special gatherings.

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Lypix Photography

Lypix photography is a team of professional photographers, passionate and ready to give our best to capture beautiful moments through creative images We specialize in: Landscape, Portraits, Cooperate headshot, Weddings/Events, Studio sessions e.t.c.

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Let's help you capture your
beautiful moments

It is said that a beautiful moment is not complete or fulfilled without an amazing memory. We have carefully sought out some eye-catching glimpse snapshots to see what your experience with us will look like.

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fast delivery

SUPER Quick Delivery

We dont keep you waiting forever. It only takes a moment to get your events documented and delivered to you.


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Get across to us and we will answer you in a jiffy! All it takes is for you to place a call.


Professional Execution

We handle the rest as you see your imaginative dreams come to pass right in front of you.

You will always want more, because it is never enough
Lypix Phtography

Let's make it a "happily ever after"

The astounding experience you have longed wished for is here. Make it a date with us and we take you round the world with an experience of a lifetime.

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